Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an agent, am I able to buy one of your homes?

Absolutely, members of the ZHome team have worked with real estate agents for over 30 years.

If my home is listed with an agent, will ZHome purchase my home?

Yes, provide us with your home’s address and with your permission we will reach out to your agent to make an offer on your home.

Should I provide photos of my home to ZHome?

Yes, the more information you can provide allows us to arrive at a consistent valuation for our offer to you.

How does ZHome arrive at an offer price?

The management team at ZHome has purchased thousands of homes over the last 30 years. Our proprietary valuation model uses many factors in arriving at our offer price. Whether or not you accept our offer, it is always free of charge.

How long is the offer good for?

The offer is good for 3-days and would need to be updated after this period ends. Once you accept and sign the contract the escrow period will begin.

What are the closing costs?

The costs are shared just like a traditional sale. The seller is responsible for title insurance, 50% of the escrow charge, any HOA charges, recording fees, and state or county transfer tax. These costs usually total up to 1% of the sales price.

What about repairs?

Don’t worry, if your home needs TLC or has some deferred maintenance we can handle it.  Based on the information you provide we can estimate our repair expense and then provide a final amount after the onsite inspection during the contract period.