A Clear And Simple Way To Sell Your Home.

Tell us about your home and we'll send you a great offer within 24 hours.


No listings-no showings

An easy sale, without all of the hassles of the traditional home selling process


Flexible close date

Close within a matter of days, then take up to 3 days after for your move out.


Plan your future

No escrow fallout risk gives you the ability to plan your next move with certainty

We have purchased thousands of homes.
We have three decades of experience.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Donna B., Las Vegas NV

“Amazing to work with. Helped me feel
confident through the entire process.”
(Sold to ZHOME – July 2018)

Sarah M., Las Vegas, NV

“I will definitely be referring you to people I know.”
(Sold to ZHOME – June 2018)

ZHome Testimonial

Irvin B., Las Vegas NV

“Everything was straightforward. Would not 
hesitate recommending ZHOME to anyone.”
(Sold to ZHOME – July 2018)
ZHome Testimonial

Jeff G., N. Las Vegas, NV

“Smooth process from start to finish!”
(Sold to ZHOME – May 2018)

ZHome Testimonial

Tracee T., N. Las Vegas, NV

“I would advise more people selling a home to use this service.”
(Sold to ZHOME – April 2018)

ZHome Testimonial

Jose D., Las Vegas, NV

“A fast and great experience.”
(Sold to ZHOME – August 2018)

Steven M., Las Vegas, NV

“A very easy and pleasant experience.”
(Sold to ZHOME – August 2018)

Gregory A., Las Vegas, NV

“I appreciate the fairness of the price you offered.”
(Sold to ZHOME – August 2018)

Raymond B., Henderson, NV

“Overall condition of the home was excellent.”
(Bought from ZHOME – August 2018)

ZHome Testimonial

Yvonne K., Las Vegas, NV

“Happy to call this our new home.”
(Bought from ZHOME – March 2018)

ZHome Testimonial

Natalie S., Las Vegas, NV

“Loved the house, everything was remodeled.”
(Bought from ZHOME – July 2018)

ZHome Testimonial

Steve M., Las Vegas, NV

“The best part has been working with your team.”
(Traded for a ZHOME – August 2018)

ZHOME is an Online Home Buyer

“Where technology and dedicated customer service meet,
to provide an exceptional home selling experience.”

ZHOME vs. The Traditional Process


checkmarkTell us about your home and get a free offer

checkmarkZero showings, zero open houses

checkmarkFlexible closing date

checkmarkMove out up to 3 days after closing

checkmarkCoordinate closing date with your next move

Traditional Home Sale

checkmarkCould wait weeks or even months for an offer

checkmarkInconvenient showings and several open houses

checkmarkUnreliable closing date, usually chosen by buyer

checkmarkUnpredictable move out date

checkmarkDifficulty closing next home on your timeline

Your ZHOME Pro will handle everything

We have assembled a team of local market experts and licensed
real estate agents to help streamline the home buying and selling process.